Hello From the Other Side (of the World)

Hello (again) world! It’s really has been too long. In fact, as someone who loves to write (or at least claims to), I really should stop taking year-long breaks from writing. Before anyone gets too critical, though, allow me to inform you that, though the delay has largely been due to my own lack of dedication to this lovely blog, there also just haven’t been many grand, dramatic adventures meriting their very own place alongside my amazing month in Africa two summers ago…


…that is until now.


That’s right! Fear not, my adoring fans, Ailish Ullmann is back at it with the exploring of places and subsequent writing of things (and this time from even further away)!


Now, before I continue I’d just like to say: my life has not been dull for the past 12 months, rather it took the day and a half of travel between the US and Australia to remind me that I enjoy writing about my escapades — both foreign and domestic — and to inspire me to beef up my old WordPress (and rename it something just a little bit less cheesy). So, while the resurfacing of my mad blogging skillz is mostly so that I can document this new and daring foray into the world Down Under (known to less creative minds as my “Semester Abroad”), fear not: I will be uploading “throwback” posts over the course of the next several months in order to, if nothing else, showcase the plethora of photos I’ve taken on various hikes, camping trips, and vacations since July 2015. (I am in Brisbane for school after all — I can’t be wrangling crocodiles and scuba-diving with sharks at every waking moment. I might as well break up the monotony koalas, wombats, and jellyfish-infested beaches by posting about old camping trips or vacations during my off days, right?)


That said, for those hoping to live vicariously through me on my adventures here in Australia (or, more accurately, to laugh at my failing attempts to seem like a cool American), this is the place to do it! I know I have a lot of catching up to do — and a lot to prove — but I recently spent 18 hours crammed into flying tin can.

I can do anything.


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